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Category: Jewellery

With the vintage and Retro theme very much out there at the moment and showing no signs of disappearing, there are some great opportunities to grab some great products. This doesn’t just extend to home décor or clothes but the Jewellery Business also. The Jewellery Business is vast but the cheaper Retro pieces are doing really well at the moment and are popular on many sites such as Shopify and NotOnTheHighstreet.


If you love Jewellery and make your own, why not get your products out there, it isn’t expensive to register on many of the online shop selling platforms and a good blog can be set up in minutes, use social media to get your Jewellery out there.


There are also many direct selling routes you can opt for if you don’t make your own Jewellery, Stella & Dot offer a direct selling programme for Jewellery, there’s also Cookie Lee, Chloe and Isabel and Miallsia, Take a look at the options out there and start your own home business today. 

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