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There are several sites out there that you can sign up to and start selling your products straight away, Amazon and Shopify are just a couple but there are many more, the one important advantage of these sites is the cost. It will be cheaper to sign up to this type of selling platform than starting and developing your own website because you won’t need an individual website and some of the marketing is done for you. If you opt for this selling platform, you will have to adhere to their rules of selling and on most online platforms, you will have to offer a proportion of your sales to remain on the site.  Many use the selling platforms such as Shopify as an initial start to selling their products, many then go on to develop their own website advertising their won products.


If you have some great products you want to sell online, there are things you can do straight away to get those products out there, sign up for an online selling platform such as Amazon or Shopify whilst you think and plan the best way to start your own website. Start a blog and use social media to get your products out there. Always know your market and the type of people your products are aimed at so you are pointing in the right direction for marketing. Many people who sell their products online start off as part time and working from home until they can establish an income.  Always remember it won’t be an overnight success and you have to keep putting the time in but if you are determined and focused, your hard work will almost certainly pay off in the end. 

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